Tips for Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck issue

Tips for Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck issue

Cooked up a storm only to find that you can’t get the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid to open? Here’s what worked for me in getting the lid unstuck.

I have been using the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 for a year or so now in my kitchen. It is a digital pressure cooker with multi-cooking functions like saute/searing, baking or even making yogurt. The cooker has been a great help because I can leave the food to cook unsupervised while I do other tasks like laundry or chill out at the sofa. Definitely helps me to save time when it comes to cooking.

There are some draw backs though, it is not great at cooking too complicated dishes. It is tricky to manage the cooking time for different ingredients, and it takes some trial and error to get the dish to taste the way I want it to because I cannot just pop open the lid to check how the dish is doing. It shines the best when it comes to cooking one pot meals like stews or soups.

Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck?

Recently, I ran into the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck issue. Even though the pressure inside the pot was released to zero, I was unable to open the lid.

Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck

When I turned the cooker on-and-off, the screen showed that the pressure was at 1kpa. Despite letting the cooker cool for an hour and the pressure in the pot had dropped to zero after the cooling, I was still unable to pop the lid open.

I tried to reset the digital settings in the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 by using the steaming function and releasing the pressure manually by cancelling the process mid-way once the pressure cooker was releasing some pressure. But that did not work as well.

Tips to resolve the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck issue

1. Get help from Philips Whatsapp Customer Care

Thankfully the Philips WhatsApp customer care was still available, so I reached out and the tip they provided was to unplug the unit, let it cool for a few minutes. After it cools down, plug the unit and set it to sauté for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes let it cool again for a few minutes and try to open the lid.

Unfortunately, that did not work and because my soup was still stuck inside I tried to pressurise the cooker up a few times in hopes that the pressure will force the blockage or reset the cooker, but it still did not work.

2. Trial and error with the multi-cooking functions

Searching online showed that some customers have had similar problems but there was no listed solution except for one customer sharing that the lid opened up after he/she experimented with the multi-coking function. The other solution was this YouTube video showing how to open up the lid with tools (in worst case scenario) and to try first using the sauté function for 10 minutes.

I left the pot to cool off for the night before trying again the next morning, and this time I tried the above YouTube video method and sadly it did not work. I had an appointment so left the cooker alone for 3 hours and when I came back, it still did not open.

Gave it one more shot by turning it on manual to 20kpa and cancelling the cooking half-way and TADAH it opened!! What a relief! I was really thankful that the Philips customer care service was very patient in trying to help me schedule a pick up service and for providing assistance through out the entire process.

I wonder if the issue happened because the valves may have been clogged up due to the congee I was cooking earlier in the afternoon before my soup. The other users who faced the same the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck issue did not mention what they were cooking during the process so it is hard to determine the reason.

Hopefully this is just a rare occurrence as the Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 has been reliable so far!

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Tips for Philips all-in-one cooker HD2145 lid stuck issue