Reflections in a time of stillness

Reflections in time of stillness, social distancing during corona virus

What a strange time we are in. 2020 started as per normal, new year solutions made, anticipation for what the year will bring and nothing of the sort of concern which revolves around a world wide pandemic of the Coronavirus and restricted movements for most parts of the world and here in Singapore.

What’s more, to be pregnant during this time and looking to shift into our new BTO! The start of the year was a steep learning curve for me as I had to adjust to the new life of being pregnant.

The circuit breaker period is a time of pause for me, an opportunity to take a break from rushing around trying to maximise the time to do everything possible. It’s a sudden shift of pace from the previous months during which every weekend we were out looking for things related to our house.

The first week of not leaving the house for non-essential needs felt stifling and hectic as I had to adjust to a new way of working. I wasn’t unfamiliar with working from home, but working from home for 5 days a week for weeks was a different matter. Personal and work time seem to blend into one and I have to intentionally try to draw distinctions between work and off work. There wasn’t the usual commute to help with the transition. So I made sure that I had to set up my work station every morning and close shop in the evening to give myself the signal that work has ended.

It was also strange to work in an environment where everyone was home. Fortunately, we had enough space in the house for everyone to have their personal space to do their own things for most parts of the day. Though I do find myself with lesser personal space and time to unwind and think.

To top things off, add the entire department trying to adjust to the new working style and making sure business is as usual, that is a whole set of challenges all together.

Now in this seemingly standstill, there are different things to do but no places to rush too. All at once, there seems to be more and less things to do. Because we are home all the time, I decided to cook more often to make sure we didn’t indulge in too much unhealthy food. (Also delivery fees really do add up quite a bit and there is only so many times a week I can eat from the same shop.)

So there was a lot more of washing, cleaning and preparing meals for not just myself. Something I am not used to do on a daily basis.

Time passes as fast even though I am not physically moving anywhere and I have gotten used to the rhythm of staying home most of the time. This week as we finish the month of April, I find myself more settled down and using the pockets of time that I have for reflection.

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