Hidden Gems in Woodlands: Admiralty Park & Woodlands Waterfront

Hidden Gems in Woodlands, www.everydaychooselove.com

Sometimes all it takes is a little adventure to discover a different side of the city. Beyond the popularity of Hort Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, there are two hidden gems in the highly urbanised estate of Woodlands.

Mention Woodlands, and the typical reaction you get is “Wah! So near Malaysia!” Besides the usual association with traffic jams at the Causeway, most would also think of industrial buildings and HDB flats.

Seldom would one think of a view like this:

Admiralty Park Mangrove, everydaychooselove.com

Just 10 minutes walk from Woodlands MRT, next to Republic Polytechnic, is the South Entrance of Admiralty Park, the largest park in the north. Besides being home to a massive kids playground with lots of slides, there is also a nature trail to explore a secondary forest and mangrove. Do not be surprised if you find yourself face-to-face with special visitors! (Signs that you are an urban dweller: You panic when you noticed a monkey further up your path and your first instinct is to run away.)

Monkey Admiralty Park, www.everydaychooselove.com

The nature trail (Admiralty Park West Connector) leads to Woodlands Waterfront Park, a sleepy and peaceful park with a splendid view of the Straits of Johor.

Woodlands Waterfront Entrance, everydaychooselove.com

Walk towards the jetty where fishing enthusiast line their fishing rods and you will be rewarded with this view. It never fails to amaze me how Malaysia is just across us. It feels like an alternate universe: drive 15 minutes and you arrive at another country with a similar yet different lifestyle and landscape.

Straits of Johor View, everydaychooselove.com

Woodlands Waterfront Cloudy Day, everydaychooselove.com

Thinking of places to go for your no spend challenge? Why not check out Admiralty Park and Woodlands Waterfront Park especially if you live in the North? It is a serene and easy walk that will take you to the lesser known parts of Singapore. (Plus, it is a good way to hit your 10,000 steps and earn more HPB vouchers! 😬)

Tips for your visit to Admiralty Park and Woodlands Waterfront:

💧Bring water as water points can be difficult to find. There are vending machines around and two eateries. There is also a convenience shop (Cheers) in Republic Polytechnic.

 🚗 Carpark lots near the parks are limited, so parking may be challenging during peak period. Although for Admiralty Park, more parking lots are available at Republic Polytechnic.

🐵 Beware of monkeys in the nature trail, keep your food hidden and  bags zipped.

🔦 There are no street lamps in the nature trail, so if you are using the Admiralty West Park Connector to head towards Republic Polytechnic and Woodlands MRT, make sure to buffer enough time before the sun sets.

🌂Bring an umbrella in case of heavy downpour.

👣 Starting and ending at Woodlands MRT, the walk to Woodlands Waterfront Park through Admiralty Park takes about 2 hours at a leisurely pace.

Share your hidden gems because Singapore may be small, but there are still places that surprise us! 🇸🇬

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