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Looking for collaboration opportunities, make new friends to la kopi (Translated from singlish to English: Grab a coffee), or looking for a content creator? Drop me an email* and I would love to get to know you better!

About Liv

I am your average 30-something Singaporean girl (or should I say woman but definitely not aunty! Don’t call me aunty!). I grew up in Singapore and spent my growing up years eating in coffeeshops, watching movies in Cineleisure (when that was still the coolest hangout in Singapore) and dreaming about one day escaping to another country and becoming a digital nomad.

Along the way I discovered that my family meant the most to me, fell in love, got married and decided that Singapore is my home after-all. Writing is my joy and I started this blog because I want to share what it is like being 30-something in Singapore and connect with other like-minded friends. During my free time, I try out fuss-free recipes, keep fit and lepak (hangout) with my loved ones. Recently, inspired by my visit to Bali, I am trying to reduce my ecological footprint.

*Collection of email address is strictly used to facilitate our conversations.

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